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Who or What are You Running to?

A few days ago, my (Sarah) adorable niece, Kadence, got her very first bee sting. The nerve of that bee. I mean...come one, she's so sweet and she's only two!

Kadence screamed at the top of her lungs, ran to her mom, and then cried out frantically,"Mommy....I NEEEEEED a hug!"

My sister scooped up sweet little Kadence in her arms and something about that mama hug helped to dissipate the pain. I was touched by Kadence's gut reaction to run to her mom and need a hug.

Whenever my kids fall and scrape a knee or get their feelings hurt by a sibling, their first reaction is to run to me or to my husband.

Who do your kids run to when they need a Band-Aid or when they have any sort of pain at all? YOU!

At what age did we first start to think, "I can handle this myself?"

When did we stop running to our dad?

I've been taking a good, long, hard look at this in myself. I am finishing up an amazing 40 day sugar fast and I've had to spend a lot of time reflecting on why it is that I've run to sugar to cope with my emotions. Maybe that's not your struggle. Maybe you run to your phone, or to Amazon prime, or to alcohol, or to relationships.

I love The Message translation of Psalm 34:8. It says,

"Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see—how good God is. Blessed are you who run to him."

When we run to Jesus, we are blessed. When we depend on Him and fall on our knees before Him, He lifts us up.

Motherhood has taught me that I am completely dependent on Jesus. I am broken and imperfect and prone to react instead of respond. Worry sets in when things go wrong or when the house is a mess or when someone gets slime in their hair or when the kids start to argue...again.

I used to try so hard to stay calm and do everything the right way. I read so many books and listened to so many great podcasts and woke up early to plan my day and pray over my goals. I blasted worship music and even wrote a post about how to have an amazing day with your kids. But you know what, I was missing the point.

The Holy Spirit is with my kids and in my kids. God created my kids and knows them so intimately. He loves them way more than I do! He is ready to help me every minute of every single day.

Now, I cry out to Jesus all day long. My kids hear me asking Him for help and strength and wisdom. I am modeling for them what it is to need Jesus. I thank Him when I'm happy or when we see something beautiful. I ask Him to comfort me when I'm hurting.

When you are in the habit of crying out to Jesus, your kids notice. They even know that grownups need Jesus! They know that you lean on the Holy Spirit. They know that you ask Him to help you parent them.

My kids even know there are many things I am working on with God. They hear me say I am sorry. They watch my husband and I apologize to one another in front of them because we want them to see how conflict can be resolved through apologies and forgiveness. And you know what the best part is? I am watching them run to Jesus too. I am hearing them say things like, "Holy Spirit, give me peace" or "Jesus, please help. I am so mad right now!" My oldest daughter had a scary dream the other night and woke up saying, "Do not be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go" in her bed!

Run to Jesus. The next time you are struggling with a negative emotion and you find yourself wanting to scream or scroll instagram or grab a handful of M&M's or a margarita, stop and call out to Him. "Jesus, help me." "Jesus, show me what to do!" He is ready to love you and care for you with open arms.

Practice running to Jesus. Practice it by yourself and practice it as a family. You can read more about running to Jesus here and even print out the FREE practicing the presence of God printable.





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