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When You Wonder if Your Kids are Listening

Sometimes I wonder if what I’m teaching my kids at home is actually sticking. Not just when it comes to faith, but everything. We teach kindness...why do my kids yell and hit each other? We teach responsibility...why is it so hard for them to clean up? The list goes on because parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not even a 10K, which is a respectable 6.2 miles, it’s a marathon. 26.2 miles of endurance and then some.

I really do wonder if what my husband and I are teaching our kids about Jesus is sticking. Some days it feels like I’m just talking at them as they say things like:

"I don't want to pray."

"I didn't see God today."

"Do we have to listen to more Jesus music?"

"I hate going to church!"

But every once in a while my kids say something that lights my soul on fire and encourages me to press on.

Recently we were listening to the song “Walking on Water” by SEU Worship and my son said, “Hey! This song must be about Peter because he walked on the water with Jesus. I wish I could walk on water with them, do you think I could?!”

We agreed that, “Nothing is impossible with God,” and the conversation moved on to fishing.

This was not a big moment. It wasn’t a long conversation, it wasn’t deep, there was no prayer involved, and there was no big takeaway. But it told me a few things:

  • my son is paying attention at home and at church when we talk about Bible stories

  • my son realizes these stories can apply to his life too

  • my son recognizes and has hope in God’s power

Friends, don’t give up on teaching your kids to love Jesus. You may be feeling like you’re drowning. You want to step out and walk on the water and trust God, but it’s just too much. Maybe you don’t have a partner to help you teach and raise your kids to love God.

Maybe you don’t have a church community.

Maybe your kids are older and questioning God or have walked away.

Maybe you are new to this too and you don’t feel qualified to teach your kids about God when you’re just getting to know Him yourself.

Maybe you feel like you don’t have the right words.

Step out of the boat and place your feet on the water. God will make it solid ground and give you everything you need to run!

Our God is so good to us and He is so good to our kids. Your home is a ministry and He won’t waste a single moment. Every word spoken. Every hug. Every tickle. Every “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you.” Every story listened to. Every game played. Every story told. Every song played. God is using those moments to weave your story and your child’s story into His story. Into His Kingdom.

Your kids are listening and you are doing a great job. Press on, parents. It is a big and important job to raise the next generation of believers. We are praying for you (and ourselves) as we go forth with this work. If there is something specific we can pray for, something specific you're struggling with and need resources or ideas for, send us a message and let us know!





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