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Talking With God Prayer Journal + Pray Out Loud Guide

Updated: Jan 25

We are so excited to finally share with you our new kids prayer journal Talking with God! We have two versions; one for preschool and one for elementary aged kids. Before we share how to use the journal, Steph and I wanted to introduce you to the team of people we collaborated with to bring this passion project to life.

Last year, my (Sarah) friend, Tamiko Chacon, came to me with an awesome idea. Tamiko is the Social Justice Pastor at my church, Purpose Church in Pomona, California. I have always looked up to her as a Pastor, follower of Jesus, wife, and mama. She has a heart of gold and is one of the most creative people I've ever met!

Tamiko wanted to purchase a prayer journal for her two sons, Christian and Cruz, but couldn't find anything she liked. We got together to search and decided we needed to create one for our own kids as well as the kids at our church to use. We wanted something with room to fill-in-the-blank with their own words or drawings. We also wanted something that followed the pattern of the Lord's prayer and "ACTS." Maybe you remember learning about this acronym when you were a kid, it stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication, but we felt like these words were pretty big for kids.

The journal format that Tamiko came up with is simple and teaches kids how to pray:

Dear God,

I praise you for...

The awesome traits of God, help your child focus on who He is and who He will always be

Please forgive me for...

any struggle or sin they would like to confess

Thank you for...

specific things in your child's life that he or she would like to thank God for

Please bless...

any person that comes to mind that your child would like to pray for

Help me with...

something they would like help with for that day--joy, strength, boldness of faith, help with a test, etc.


We chose words like "Forgive me for" instead of confession and "Help me with"instead of supplication. We added Blessing to teach kids to pray that God would bless those that we love and that He puts on our hearts.

Tamiko, Steph, and I are so passionate about kids learning to pray and also learning to meditate on scripture and hide God's Word in their hearts. That's why you will also find scripture verse coloring pages in the book. After writing or drawing prayers, kids can color or doodle on the scripture verse page that follows in order to let God's word seep in and stick.

These scripture coloring pages were hand drawn by two of my favorite girls--Dani Pichay and Mackenzie Patterson. Both of these super talented gals graduated from my hubby's high school youth group just a few years ago. Both of them serve in ministry today and feel passionate about helping the next generation grow in faith.They came over and poured themselves into hours of hard work while I watched in awe and fed them dessert!

I also need to give a HUGE shout out to my husband, Eric Holmstrom, who designed the journal layouts for us and stayed up late countless nights to edit them.

How to Use This Journal with Your Kids

To get started using this journal today, simply download, print, and staple. There are two versions of the journal. The preschool journal has spaces for kids to draw their prayers and a few lines for a grown-up to dictate their child's thoughts. The elementary version is designed for kids who are ready to write on their own and has lines to write.

There are seven journal pages and seven scripture coloring pages. Print out as many copies of the fill-in-the-blank and scripture coloring pages as you would like. They are meant to be easily used daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever works best for your family.

One of the best things about keeping a prayer journal is seeing how God answers prayer. The back of the prayer journal has several lined pages to record answered prayers and the dates that they were answered. Kids will learn about the power of prayer as they keep track of how awesome God is! Again, feel free to print out more copies of this page too.

This book will also serve as a special keepsake. I am keeping my kids' completed prayer journals in a file box so that as they grow, I can remember the things they have prayed for from a very early age and how God has answered those prayers.

Also included in this download are four unique Talking With God Pray Out Loud Guides. This guide goes hand-in-hand with the journal. Print this out, frame it, or just tape it up somewhere where your kids can see it. There are several different design versions so you can pick your favorite or the one that best matches your child's room! It has fill in the blank prayer prompts so kids can pray out loud anytime.

On behalf of Tamiko, Steph, Mackenzie, Dani, Eric, and myself, enjoy! Use it, share it with friends, and share your stories with us. This Talking with God Prayer Journal & Prayer Guide has been prayed over and we are confident that God will use it to help kids grow closer to Jesus and make prayer a habit.





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