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Scripture Memorization Games

Now is the time to teach your kiddos to memorize Scripture, so they can hide it in their heart forever. This is one of the best gifts you can give them! To read more about why kids should memorize verses and how to memorize through songs, click here.

I think the most FUN way to memorize Scripture is through games! I have been a Sunday School teacher or helper since junior high, so I have seen some fun and some not so fun ways to memorize verses.

Here are 5 of my favorites:

One Word At a Time:

This one is super simple, but it really helps make a verse stick and works with non-readers. Just take turns saying one word of a verse and then have your child say the next word, back and forth! You can also play with a ball. Just toss it back and forth and when you get the ball, you get to say the next word of the verse. You can do this with just one child or in a group.

Here is a video of my 5 year old and I playing this game...she LOVES it!

Treasure Hunt:

Print out the verse and cut out each word or couple of words. Or you can write the verse out on separate notecards. Hide them all around the room. Send your child or children to find them. Then time how long it takes them to put the strips of paper or notecards in order.

Pop Verse:

Same as above except you roll up each word or group of words and blow up into a balloon. Have your child pop all the balloons and then piece the verse together. This is another favorite at church, but my own kids and I don't play this one yet because little Lila is too scared of the popped balloon noise!

Missing Word:

This is an old school game that I remember playing years ago as a kid, but it is very effective! Write the bible verse on a white board and let your child erase one word. Say the verse together again after each new word is erased. Eventually, the white board will be completely blank and your child will be able to recite the verse.

Verse Hopscotch:

Print out one word per page on bright different colored paper. Place the papers in a big long line across the room. Have kids hop on one foot (or both feet) and say each word when they land on it. Turn over one paper or two papers at a time. When kids jump through the line again, they will have to remember the words that are turned over. Older elementary kids LOVE this one! You could also play this outside with sidewalk chalk.





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