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Resources we are Thankful for

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Since it is Thanksgiving month we want to share a few resources that we are especially thankful for! These are some of our favorite resources for both adults and for kids. We are always looking for ideas and recommendations so hopefully you find this list useful and see something you are excited to try out or something you can add to that Christmas list!

Steph's Picks

# 1 - The Faithful Life Planner

The Faithful Life Planner is a new resource to me and I am so excited about it. I'm a visual person and I find it easier to see my schedule clearly on paper opposed to on my phone. I love a good paper planner, especially if it's beautiful! And this one is so beautiful! It comes with a few cover options, I chose the floral cover and I love it.

The motto of the Faithful Life Planner is faithfulness over success. I LOVE that. The planner has everything you need in it to stay organized both weekly and monthly. But unlike other planners, there is a focus on faith and wellness as well. Each month begins with a page to fill in a verse of the month, spiritual and personal goals, and prayers. There is space for reflection every day of the week and at the end of the month as well. I love the idea that scheduling our time is about more than completing tasks. I'm really looking forward to using this tool to keep me on track this year.

You can order the planner from the Faithful Moms website. Check out the Faithful Life Calendar while you're over there!

#2 - Me and You, Lord

I was gifted this book about a year ago and it's so cute. It is a prayer book for kids. It's best for elementary aged kids because it's essentially Mad Libs with prayer. Each page has a prewritten prayer on it with some of the parts of speech left out. It's a really fun way for kids to be creative and engage in prayer. There are some suggested parts of speech in the back of the book if your kids struggle to come up with nouns and adjectives. Additionally, there is a "parent's corner" after each prayer that serves as a conversation starter related to the prayers itself.

I love this book because it fosters connections between kids and God as they learn to pray, but it also creates connections with parents through the discussion questions. The pictures are whimsical and simple, which I love.

You can order the book here.

Sarah's Picks

#3 - Have More Fun

My sister gave me this book a few months ago and I took one look at the cover and cringed. Um excuse me...have more FUN? Have more fun when I have four kids and a job and a ministry and the messiest house ever and so much to do? Yes, this book was exactly what I needed to read. Author and MOPS International CEO, Mandy Arioto, reminded me to stop and be present and be led by the Holy Spirit instead of my to-do list. And the best part? The end of each chapter has a short and easy list of how to have more fun with your kids, with your spouse, at your work, etc. This book will make you laugh out loud and refresh your tired soul. It's a quick read too, which I appreciate at this stage of life!

You can order the book here

#4 - Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science

My seven year old is absolutely crazy about this devotional, and so am I! Each devotion focuses on how big and amazing our God is. When we read it together as a family, someone always ends up exclaiming, "Wow, God is SO COOL!" The illustrations and photographs are beautiful and the facts are amazing. I love how this devotional invokes awe and wonder in all of us and reminds my kids to look for God all around them.

Order the book here.





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