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Praying for Your School Year

It’s hard to believe, but summer is coming to a close. We have been intentionally praying with our kids as we have been preparing for the school year. Over the next three weeks we will be sharing ideas for how you can pray for your personal school year, your teachers, and your child’s classmates.

Here are some ways that I will be praying with my kids for their school year:

1. Pray for any fears. If your child is nervous about starting a new year with a new teacher, riding the bus for the first time, or starting in a new school building. Pray over those fears together now. Pray that all of their new experiences would be positive.

2. Pray over school supplies. When we get home from school supply shopping, my kids love to lay their new supplies on the floor and look at it. Take that as an opportunity to pray. Lay your hands on your brand new things and pray that they would be tools for learning.

3. Pray to be an influencer. When my son was in preschool I started praying that my kids would be influencers on their peers (really, he got in trouble and then I started praying this.) We talk about this often at our house and praying about it before school starts is a great reminder for them.

4. Pray for your schedule. Bedtime and mornings are SO hard in the fall. Kids melt down. Parents melt down...at least at my house. Everyone gets exhausted. So we might as well pray about it now! Take some time while you’re praying before bed to ask God to be present during these transitions and that they would go smoothly.





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