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Prayer Guide and Prayer Activities

We are both feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Anyone else?

Personally, I'm doing fine with the extra family time and this new, crazy version of homeschooling. I'm actually enjoying the slow. But...as a soon as I start to think outside of my little family bubble, I get overwhelmed.

How many people will get sick? Why can't I find certain necessities at the store? How long is this going to last? How am I going to talk to my son who is really missing school and his friends? These questions and more flood my mind.

As hard as it may be to be a parent during this time, we also have a really incredible opportunity to teach our kids some valuable lessons. One thing I want my kids to walk away knowing is that our family turns to God. When things are hard and we feel overwhelmed, we pray about it.

There is a lot to pray about right now, so we want to help you get started. We made this pretty little prayer guide for you and your family. Download it here, print it out, tape it to your fridge, and be reminded to pray daily.

The prayers are simple and short so they are easy for kids. There is one thing to pray over each day of the week if you choose to use it that way. Additionally, we left one section blank so your family can write their own prayer. Some ideas could be:

  • People who are very anxious during this time

  • People who have lost their jobs

  • A special elderly person in your life

  • Your church family

  • People with underlying medical conditions

  • Someone you know who is sick

We hope that this helps to simplify one thing in your lives right now.

And don't forget some of our other resources we have for you:

Prayer Journals are great for handwriting practice, establishing the habit of a quiet time, and a great homeschool supplement!

Our Easter resource is a special thing to do with your family right now. It walks you through the Easter story, has discussion questions, and includes hands-on activities to keep littles busy and happy!

Some prayer activities to highlight right now are:

Beach Ball Prayers-large motor skills and a way to get some energy out

Dice Prayer Game-a fun and different way to be praying for people in your lives

Grateful Game-we all could use some extra gratitude, right?! Try the M&M version

Nature Prayer Walk-get outside!

Lectio Divina-slow, purposeful, and prayerful reading of the Bible. A great thing to do with kids of all ages for quiet time or even school time since it involves reading and listening skills.

Prayer of Examen-a daily time to check in on high and low parts of our day and how God was present in all of it. This is great for family meals and helps us better understand how our kids and spouses are feeling.

Pray with us. We are praying for you!





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