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Introducing Your Kids to the Bible

During the month of March we are praying that our kids would love the Word of God. It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, so we are sharing some of our suggestions with you and our favorite Kid Bibles at the end!

Use Both Children's Bibles and The Real Bible

It's no secret that we are fans of the Jesus Storybook Bible. It's beautiful, inspiring, and easy to understand. (Almost every time I read it with my kids, I cry!)

We have a few of our favorite kids Bibles that we are sharing below, however, you don't need to spend a ton of time and money researching and purchasing various kids Bibles and devotionals. Don't be afraid of the real Bible. God's Word is alive and active and our kids are just as capable of understanding it as we are.

Check out apps

I prefer reading from my physical Bible, but I also love having YouVersion (The Bible App) on my phone. I absolutely love the audio feature! Sometimes when my oldest can't sleep, he hops into bed with me and we pick a book of the Bible and fall asleep listening to it together. I love listening to the NLT or the Message translation.

The Kid Version of this app is so much fun! Kids are read to and can click on interactive pictures to engage with the story. They answer questions and earn coins. The illustrations are beautiful, the game helps kids remember what they've learned, and it's a great thing for kids to do while you are studying your Bible. It's super fun and free.

Pick Passages Wisely

This is especially true when you are reading from the real Bible. It's probably not wise to start with big confusing names, genealogy, or intimidating books like Revelation. Start with the basics. Share the Gospel straight from God's Word. Read about Jesus's miracles. Read Proverbs to help teach wisdom. Read through the Psalms.

Model it!

Kids pay attention to what we are doing. If we want our kids to love the Bible, we have to love the Bible too! Dig in as much as you can.

Digging into the Word daily is important, but if that is intimidating and too much, start small! Bring your Bible with you to church on Sundays. Commit to reading a Bible passage a day or two a week. Establish a time to read a passage as a family at one meal a week. Start small and work your way up. Slow and steady wins the race here. Free yourself from the expectation of perfection and focus on how you can love Jesus and His Word a little more every day, no matter what that looks like. The more you read it, the more excited you are to keep going. Ask God to help increase your hunger for reading His word.

This is silly, but one thing that's helped me want to read more is making my Bible pretty. I got some new highlighters and post-it notes and I've been marking up every page I read. It makes me engage with the text more and I just love how it looks. Another thing that helps is taking a minute before I read to ask God to speak to me through His Word.

Our Favorite Bibles for Kids

1. Jesus Storybook Bible: We love it! They have a storybook version that is bigger and I love using this for my Sunday School Class. There is also a beautiful version for adults that I love to give out as gifts. It's the same beautiful wording just without the illustrations and it's called- The Story of God's Love for You.

2. The Action Bible: All of our kids love this one, the boys and the girls. It is written like a comic book and it's so captivating and fun to look at. Adults get so much out of it too! It's really fun to read especially for kids that aren't super excited about traditional reading.

3. NirV Kids Devotional Bible: My almost 8 year old son absolutely adores this Bible. He takes it to church each Sunday, highlights in it, and absolutely loves the devotions geared for his age group. It has over 300 devotions and is meant for kids ages 6-10. I love the look of it too, the bright green one with the bicycle is my favorite!





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