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How to Make a Family Prayer Blanket

+a creative and meaningful baby gift idea

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One of my friends posted about her family's prayer blanket and I thought it was so cute that I reached out to her and asked if we could share her idea here. A prayer blanket is a great way to start conversations about God, a creative way to pray as a family, and a really unique idea for comforting kids who have a hard time falling asleep or have nightmares (that's my house!)

Kelly Kelly is a former teacher who lives in Minnesota with her husband and three littles. She blogs on Where the Little Things Learn and can be found on Instagram (@wherethelittlethingslearn). Make sure you follower her for a lot of cute ideas!

We hope you enjoy her fun idea:

One of our favorite family prayer rituals is praying with our prayer blanket. It’s a simple blanket that we write our prayers on. It came about when our three year old daughter said “Mommy, I wish we could sleep with our prayers.”And...Ta-da, the family prayer blanket was born.

I bought an inexpensive cross blanket and fabric markers on Amazon. No prayer is too big or too small to put on the blanket. Really whatever is on our hearts goes. Some of my favorite prayers are: 

“Prayers for strength to ask a friend to play at recess.” (5 year old daughter)

“Prayers for the doctors hands when he gives my papa heart surgery.” (4 year old son) 

“Prayers for healing my bus driver who got stitches.” (5 year old daughter) 

“Prayers for our hearts when our cousins move to Florida.” (6 year old daughter) 

Our prayer blanket allows us to reflect on Gods faithfulness and unending love and reminds us that even through the storms, Gods love will carry us through. Watching our youngest hold the blanket that we prayed countless prayers for her around before we met her, makes this mama choke up every single time. Our prayer blanket will always be one of my favorite family treasures. 💗

If you are interested in making your own prayer blankets, we have included links to some items you may want or need:

This is the blanket that Kelly uses for her family's prayer blanket

I love this blanket! It comes in red, navy blue, or gray. You could write your prayers in the squares.

I love the idea of buying receiving blankets and writing prayers on them as a baby gift or a baby shower activity. It's a thoughtful way to have the sweet new baby wrapped in prayer as he or she sleeps.

Here are some fabric markers in a variety of colors.





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