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Gathering Around the Advent Wreath

A few years ago my family started a tradition of doing Advent Sunday dinners together. My younger sister and I bring our families to our parent's house and we share a meal together. Before the meal we do an Advent candle lighting ceremony, just like many churches do during Advent services. The kids excitedly listen to the stories, participate in the call and response readings, and take turns lighting the candles. Last year they decided they wanted to include singing, so now we sing a song after we light the candle. It has quickly become one of our favorite Christmas traditions.

Advent starts on December 2 and to kick off the season, w wrote our own script for you to do Advent dinners with your families. It's really simple, all you have to do is buy or make an Advent wreath, print out this packet, and read from it. There are a lot of really cute Advent wreaths on Amazon and Etsy, and great ideas for making them on Pinterest.

Click here to download our Advent dinner packet, Gathering Around the Advent Wreath.

If you are not familiar with the tradition, each week you light one new candle in the wreath. There are four candles total, but some wreaths include a fifth candle in the center called the "Christ candle." The first week you light one candle as you read the script, the second week you light two candles as you read, and so on. The traditional readings tell the story of Jesus including some of the prophecies about Him, John the Baptist, and His birth.

We hope that you include this in your weekly plans this Advent season. The good news is, it's only once a week! It can feel overwhelming to commit to something every day, especially during Christmas, so this is a stress-free and fun way to incorporate Christ into your Christmas season. Let us know how you decide to celebrate Advent and check back with us for more Advent ideas and resources.





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