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Creating a Prayer Space with Your Kids

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I have a super fun idea/challenge for you!

A few years back I was so inspired by the movie "War Room" starring Priscilla Shirer, that I ended up staying up all night frantically reorganizing my closet in order to make my own little prayer space! I moved all of my hubby's clothes over to one side and put most of mine away in drawers. Then, I added some throw blankets and pillows to the floor, twinkle lights to the wall just for added pizzazz, and photos and notes and sticky verses on the wall.

My New Favorite Room in our House

I absolutely love to sneak away in the morning to my prayer closet to start the day by praying for my marriage, my kids, my ministry, my life group, my neighbors, my family and friends, and then the world! Sometimes I only make it through the first part when a little person toddles in screaming my name and demanding breakfast.

That's why I decided to make my kids their own little prayer space. For us, I just added it to my closet--a little blankie and pillow just for the kids off to the side. They know that if mommy is in there praying they need to wait a few minutes but can lay down on their comfy pillow and rest, pray, or read one of their kids bibles. (I keep a little stack in there of their books including The Jesus Storybook Bible and a kids version of Jesus Calling.)

A few months ago my then 5-year-old son came in when I was reading a devotional about confession. At first I was frustrated that he had woken up so early and that my time was cut short. He asked me what I was reading and I shared some of the content with him. He suggested that we both confess our sins out loud together. We did and it was such a sweet time. I was so touched and blown away.

Creating a prayer space with your child is a fun way to renew excitement and passion for time spent with God! It reminds us and our kids that prayer is essential every day.

Of course, we can and should pray anywhere and everywhere, but having a designated prayer space is such a fantastic reminder to daily surrender our requests before the Lord, confess our sins to Him, and offer up our praises to Him.

Here are some other ideas of how to create a prayer space for your kids:

• Post notes, prayers, or pictures on one wall in a child's room or in your child's closet, on the bathroom mirror, or even on a large poster board, 3 panel presentation board, or bulletin board.

•Does your child have a special comfy chair? Keep your child's Bible on the chair with some verses or a kid's journal nearby.

•Create an area outdoors like a swing or special spot on the patio where your kids might want to pray. You can even put up an outdoor chalkboard or sign that says "My Prayer Space."

•I have known a few parents who like to keep a portable prayer space available in the form of a basket or even in an art cart like this one. I love this idea! You can keep some bibles, markers, pens, crayons, a family prayer journal, etc and pull it out whenever it works.

Keep It Simple

And one last thing. This prayer space doesn't have to be fancy. You don't have to search Pinterest or head to the decorating section of Target. You can just pick a chair, a closet, a hallway, or a section of your couch and call that your prayer space or your kids's prayer space.

When I was in college, I became a kid's ministry interim director when the Pastor I worked for suddenly left the church. I was so nervous that first Sunday before I taught all the kids in large group on my own that I hid in the dark supply closet and poured out my heart before God. Every Sunday after that, I would slip into the supply closet before any kids arrived and dedicate my morning to Jesus. It became such a sweet and secret place that only we knew! I never added a sign or a single post it note, but it was a special prayer place I visited each week.

If you try this, let us know in the comments below how a personal prayer space works for you or for your kiddos!





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