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Compassion Summer Bucket List

Updated: Jul 5

Every year, I print out a cute little Summer Bucket List with my kids and we fill it up with fun things we want to do that summer, like go on a family bike ride, drink a milkshake under the stars, have a swimming playdate with friends, etc. This summer, as we've been praying about compassion and how to develop empathy in our kids and in ourselves, we've decided to change it up a little.

Instead of focusing on everything fun we want to do, let's make a list with our kids about what things God might want us to do to spread His compassion and love! (This is a great summer to start this new tradition, since many of the fun things we want to do aren't open anyway!)

Here are a few ideas to put on your Compassion Bucket List:

  • Walk around your block with your family and pray for each house or apartment you pass by.

  • Call a friend or family member and tell them how Jesus has changed your life!

  • Look for something that needs to be done and do it without being asked.

  • Ask everyone in your family what they need prayer for and pray for them right then and there.

  • Drop off cookies or a care package to a neighbor.

  • Make little gifts or notes to hand out. Take your family out to surprise people that you see often, but that you don't often show appreciation to.

  • Pray and ask God who He wants you to encourage. Make that person a little video and text it to them.

  • Find out if your church is doing a food drive or other community service project and join in!

  • Give flowers to a neighbor.

  • Make pictures for an elderly home.

  • Leave a nice note on someone's car.

  • Make dinner for a family in need.

  • Write down a list of questions for your grandparents. Call or visit them and really listen to their answers!

  • Leave a package of sidewalk chalk or water balloons on someone's porch.

  • Write encouraging messages around our block with sidewalk chalk.

  • Tell someone that they are beautiful. (My 8 year old son made this one up!)

  • Pray for bullies.

If you'd rather not print out the list, here is another fun way to make your compassion bucket list. Brainstorm how to spread Jesus' love with your family. Write down your ideas on popsicle sticks and place them in a mason jar. Each day or each week, pick one out to try! Our older kids loved being in charge of this and writing on the sticks themselves.





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