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Back-To-School Prayer Challenge + FREE Printable Prayer Calendars

August is back to school month for many of us and that brings up a lot of excitement, emotion, and apprehension. What if we all committed to covering all things back-to-school in prayer?

To begin using our new Back-to-School Prayer Calendar for August & our Fill-in-the-Blank Prayer calendar, subscribe to our blog and both versions will be sent directly to your inbox for FREE! If you are already a subscriber, don't worry, your download link will be in your August Newsletter email!

How the August Calendar Works

Whether your kids attend public school, private school, preschool, or homeschool, we want to join together and pray about it! We created a FREE Back To School Prayer Challenge downloadable calendar that includes something new to pray about each week day.

Thursday and Friday, (August 1st and 2nd), we will be praying for Administration and Support staff at our kid's schools. Each Monday has a new category that we will be praying for. Tuesday through Friday have some specific prayer items for each category. The four categories are: your kid(s), your teacher(s), school friends & peers, and the school itself.

Will you join us in praying for these things? Together, our prayers can transform our kids schools and schools around the world!

How the Fill-in-the-Blank Calendar Works

Also included in this download is a fill-in-the-blank prayer calendar to be printed out again and again! You can use these for any and all prayer items. Use it to write the names of your child's classmates from their class list or their teammates in a sport they play. Use it to write specific prayer requests or anything that you plan to pray about for the month.

On the blank line, you can write the month and the specific prayer. For example, you might write"September: Praying for Our Classmates." Add the numbers into the squares and then write a child's name to pray for each day.

We are so excited to join with you and wait expectantly to see the great things that God will do!





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