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Family Advent Dinners

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Raise your hand if you already have your Christmas decorations up.

Raise your hand if you say no way until after Thanksgiving. (My hand is raised because I love Thanksgiving so much!)

No matter what category you fall into, Christmas is fast approaching and the season of Advent is almost here! Last year we introduced our Advent resource: Gathering Around the Advent Wreath and this year we are so excited to release a new and improved version! We've made a few edits and made it more beautiful!

This resource is a 5 week (4 Sundays, plus Christmas Day) Advent Wreath lighting guide made especially for families. Inside you will find easy to follow instructions for how to light Advent candles as a family using simple call and response and Scripture reading.

Why an Advent Wreath?

I love Advent calendars and all Advent traditions, but sometimes it feels like a lot. I have a hard time committing to something daily and when I forget a day or get busy, I become discouraged and feel as though I'm behind in everything. It's not great for my mental well-being. I've made progress in this area, but it's still a struggle. Anyone else?

That's why I love the tradition of an Advent Wreath. We still do something [almost] every day to remember Jesus and His birth during the busy Christmas season, but Sunday nights have become special for our family as we carve out intentional time to gather together, light candles, and tell the story of the birth of Jesus.

If you are not familiar with the tradition, each week you light one new candle on the wreath. There are four candles total, but some wreaths include a fifth candle in the center called the "Christ candle." The first week you light one candle as you read the script, the second week you light two candles as you read, and so on. The traditional readings tell the story of Jesus including some of the prophecies about Him, John the Baptist, and His birth.

Advent as a Family

My family started a tradition of doing Advent Sunday dinners together a few years ago. My younger sister and I bring our families to our parent's house and we share a meal together. Before the meal we do an Advent candle lighting ceremony, just like many churches do during Advent services. The kids excitedly listen to the stories, participate in the call and response readings, and take turns lighting the candles. It has quickly become one of our favorite Christmas traditions.

We have been praying over this resource and we hope that it brings your family closer together as you grow closer to Jesus this Christmas season. It's so easy to do:

  1. Download and print out the packet.

  2. Find something to use as an Advent wreath. (See examples below.)

  3. Grab a Bible, your printed packet, and your family, and you are good to go!

Need some help finding an Advent Wreath?

This is the Advent wreath that Steph has:

I love the simplicity of this gold option:

This one is a more traditional option:

If you like the look of the chunkier candles, you can buy a wreath and candles and make your own:

Or you can do what Sarah does and make your own with what you have! She puts four candles on a lazy Susan and puts it in the middle of her table. Get creative and have fun with it. Happy Advent season!





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